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Create-a-Checklist-for-your-next-Home-Improvement-ProjectWhen you’re thinking about home remodelling, there are plenty of things that you could do without asking for professional help. Many projects can fall into this category, because the most important goal is to change not just the aspect, but also the functionality of the house, more or less.

Some projects are indeed easy, while others can be more complicated, but the essence is the same – many of them will increase the value of the house and you will get to have better chances of getting more money for your house in case you want to sell it.

Even if this is not the main goal of these projects, the value can really be increased, but most importantly, you will get to have a better environment for you and your family. Let’s see some home remodeling projects that can be done in just a few days!

Painting the Walls

When the house needs a new aspect, all you have to do is paint the walls in the colours that you want. You can call a professional contractor to do this for you, but you will have to pay a large sum of money. However, you can also do it alone – count the number of rooms that you have and you will see how many days you will need for this project. Consider that you can do a room in one day – it’s very easy and you don’t need special skills to do it. Consulting a contractor that is familiar with the major brands of knobs such as AMEROCK hardware, will provide you with the best result.

For this project, you will need a paint roller, and paint in the colour that you want. You can do every room in a different colour, but if you want to create the impression of bigger and wider rooms, you need to choose white.

Take down everything you have on the walls – like paintings and portraits or family photos, move the furniture in the middle of the room, gather all the carpets and cover the furniture with something to avoid staining it.

For painting the walls, all you have to do is dip the paint roller in the paint and use it on the walls. Make sure you leave no spots and that every part of the wall is covered. When you finish, you can also paint the ceiling, to make it white and bright.

The truth is that this can be cheap indeed, but once you are done, you’re going to take twice as much time to put everything back.

Remodelling the Bathroom

As it’s a very important room, the bathroom can use a remodeling project. You can take down the old tiles and replace them with new ones in the colours that you like, or you can simply take them down and use paint or wallpaper. It’s also interesting to use mosaic tiles in the bathroom. However, choose small cabinets to make sure you have plenty of room for everything that you need, along with a new counter top, a new sink and even a new toilet. If you’re not skilled enough for this, you might use professional help just to get everything finished, but you get to choose what you want to have inside your bathroom.

You can also change the shower or the bath tub, along with the faucets and the rest of the details – the cabinet pulls, the drawer handles and even the lighting fixtures.

remodelThere’s no reason to go with a single colour, and designers say that it’s a trend to choose something in contrast, like black and white, or black and red, but also vibrant colours are accepted – blue with gold, red or deep brown for a mannish look.

In the end, every home remodelling project will bring you a cosier interior, something that is pleasant and welcoming for both your family and your friends.

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